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My Fanfiction - Master List

This post lists all of my stories to date and will be maintained as a master list of everything I've written. The list may be resorted at a later date, but for now, it's chronological.

My personal website also houses my stories, as well as my fanart and the work of thraesja (although her work is also on her LJ). You can even find me at if you're in the mood to wander into the Wilds of the Internet.

thraesja is my fabulous and trusted beta.  If there's something in my work that you like, it's probably because of her.  Similiarly, if there's something you hate, it's probably because I didn't listen to her.

Newest stories are at the top. If, for some reason I cannot fathom, you wish to read absolutely everything I've written, for the love of Daniel, start from the bottom of the list. Though there have been a few setbacks, generally speaking, I think my writing has improved since I started. If you start at the top and work your way down, I won't be held responsible when you scratch your eyes out.

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I love hearing what people think and I'm very open to constructive criticism.  So, if you have any thoughts on what I did well or what could be improved, please do let me know. :)

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Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

I've been doing a bit of writing (adding about 2000 words or 6 pages to one of my larger works in progress - I know it's not much but it's more than I've managed in recent months) and while I have nothing new to share right now, in honour of today, I'd like to re-link to one of my Stargate Fic 100 stories... Phew, that was a long sentence!


It's Sam/Daniel established, future season, heavy on Jack. ~1,500 words

Two vid recs

I have two quick videos to share. The first was brought to my attention by aurora_novarum and is a parody of the song "Jenny (867-5309)". It's sung by the group Sci-Fried and features SG-13 stuck on PX-7530niiii-iine.

Next up is one I found through drgemini, a Stargate Atlantis/Dr. Horrible spoof, and is, if it's even possible, even more hilarious than the Jenny one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to rewatch my Dr. Horrible DVD.
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2010 Stargate Blue Moon Awards

Howdy folks! Been a while since I made any LJ posts, but I thought I should get my butt in gear as it's been brought to my attention that some crazy too-kind person has nominated some of my work for the 2010 Stargate Blue Moon Awards.

The website thraesja (linky here) and I put together has been nominated under the website category and two of my Sam/Daniel stories (Ouroboros and Amaranthine) plus one that I cowrote with Thraesja (Better than a Sarcophagus) currently comprise three of the four nominations under the Sam/Daniel category!  Phew!

The awards are open for their "Preview Round" now, with voting opening on March 20th, so go check out all the nominations and choose your favourites!

Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you to whomever nominated us. I'm flattered, flabbergasted, and flummoxed!

And in case you're wondering if I've been writing lately...I have. Sadly, however, it's nothing even remotely interesting - just a couple hundred pages of reports for workywork. Bleh.

In a tragic tale of woe, my muse seems to have set herself on fire, leaving nothing more than a greasy smudge amidst the charred remains of my carpet in one corner of my living room. I still have a couple dozen stories all plotted out (and some even partially written) plus countless others that are bare beginnings of ideas, but without my muse, I'm afraid my interest in fandom has been waning. I am, of course, open to suggestions for muse resurrection.

Ficlet: What? (Sam/Daniel established, G)

Howdy folks! Despite the rumours, I am not, in fact, dead. I didn't accomplish my Nanowrimo goals, but I do have a ficlet to share... enjoy!

Genre: Family, kid!fic
Pairing: Sam/Daniel established 'ship
Season: Future season
Rating: G
Word count: 1,101

Note: Part of my Stargate Fic100 Collection. Special thanks to thraesja  for putting up with me fixing up this story for me.

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Hello, world! I haven't made a post since September, but I'm not dead! I swear!!

I have, in fact, been swallowed alive by the great goobledy monster known as "real life" known alias "work" (since I don't have much of a life to speak of).

However, I've beaten the beast back with a large stick, and I dare to dream that I might have some time for writing in the nearish future.

Enter...NaNoWriMo! It's November, folks, and that means it's National Novel Writing Month. This one's particularly special to me because it's the first time I actually realised it was Nanowrimo before the freaking month was nearly over. Yay me!

Here's how it works, if you haven't heard of it. During the month of November, people sign up for Nanowrimo and thereby pledge to write a 50,000 word novel during the month. That's 30 days, with an average of 1,667 words per day. No small undertaking, to be sure.

I'm not officially participating in the epic adventure (as in, I'm not signing up on their website and being tracked and all), but I am planning on participating unofficially. My personal twist on the rules is this: I'll write a total of 50,000 words, though not necessarily in any one story. And I'll finish at least four stories during November! Phew! That's no small undertaking for me, either. As you may be aware, actually finishing stories is the hard part for me.

So I have about a-zillion-and-forty-two works in progress, and I plan to finish at least four of them this month. They may be short, or they may be long, I'm not really sure yet. All I know is that there will be four (at least)! And I should also note that "finishing" a story does not necessarily mean "posting it" as there is the vital beta process needed, and the illustrious thraesja has been quite busy of late.

Anyone out there interested in joining me in this little experiment? Set your own goals, make your own demands of yourself. There's only one rule: WRITE SOMETHING! :)

And now, I'm off to write something! Exit, stage left!
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Teal'c: Glee

Prompt update

So far, since making my call for writing prompts the other day, I've written...

I'm also working on a Sam-and-Daniel-stuck-in-Window-of-Opportunity-time-loops piece that was requested on my website's forum.

Any other takers? No strings - you don't have to ask people to give you prompts if you give me one to write. Come on, this is fun! Hit me with your best shot!
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Stargate Fandom: Leather Pants

Leave a prompt, get a ficlet!

Calling all prompts, calling all prompts!

Amaranth is looking for a few good prompts to kick her muse in the mikta so she can actually write something ever again.

Leave a comment with a prompt, including the SG-1 character(s) you want her to focus on, and Amaranth will write a ficlet for you! Prompts can be words, phrases, situations, or whatever tickles your fancy. Those of you of the ship or gen persuasion, be sure to specify if you want the characters to be having lots and lots of sex or, y'know, not.

Annnnnd...... GO!
Stargate Fandom: Leather Pants

Spread the Jacob Love!

sg_fignewtonis running another Alphabet Soup, folks!  And this time around, the recipe features Jacob/Selmak!

If you'd like to throw your hat in to write at least 100 words featuring everyone's favourite Earthling-Tok'ra, head on over to the claims post and grab yourself a letter!

Here's a blurb from sg_fignewtonabout what the Soups are all about:

Alphabet Soup is a series of multiple-author anthologies, organized and hosted on (her) LJ. Each anthology includes twenty-six (or more) ficlets on a specific character from classic SG-1. Stories are canon-compliant and gen. To date, over sixty different authors have contributed their wonderful stories! Subject matters range from episode-related to pre-series to post-series to fluff to action to angst to humor to character study and back again. Each ficlet is a minimum of 100 words; most are under 1,000 words, although there have certainly been longer ones.

I've signed up too; this will be my second soup. So if you're interested in pushing your boundaries a little and trying something new, I offer you a set of goggles and a snorkel and say, "Dive in! The soup's great!"